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     4' Oak Wine Barrel Granite Slab Bistro Bar
                    with 26" Lazy Susan
                                                                                    2017 Seattle Home Show Virtual Tour
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"Old World Style with a Fresh New Finish".  Reese's Custom Pieces has created these one-off pieces of "functional art" by recovering retired oak wine barrels and creating an heirloom quality piece of furniture for you and your family to enjoy for generations.  These pieces can be used in many different places such as a wine cellar, wine tasting room, kitchen, rec. room, lounges, pubs, restaurants, or even outside, just use your imagination.  Each reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table or Bistro Bar is an original custom piece, handmade by me to meet your personal choices of components.  Each barrel is different depending on cooperage, making each table a unique and one of a kind piece.

       30" Oak Wine Barrel Granite Slab                               4' Oak Wine Barrel Granite Slab
                       Bistro Table                                                                 Bistro Table

      4' Oak Wine Barrel  Granite Slab                       As Treehouse Masters Pete Nelson Says
      Bistro Bar with 26" Lazy Susan                    "This Thing is Sexier Than Socks on a Rooster!"                                         

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