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About Us

Hi, we are the Reese's, I'm Jeff and this is my lovely wife Denise.  We would like to tell you a little about us and how we came to the business of building custom furniture for you.

I have been in the construction trade since I was 17.  The bulk of my 30 years in the trade was spent as a plasterer, an old world trade for sure.  But because of the spotty nature and weather depending vulnerability, I have spent a lot of time doing other trades from framing to finish work, tile and stone, woodwork and much more.  Some might say I'm a renaissance man of sorts.  I'm a hands on guy and I believe I can build just about anything.

Now my lovely wife Denise is a friendly and happy person by nature.  Her attitude and disposition make her people skills unparalleled.  Her equal years to mine of experience in her trade, office management and accounting make her irreplaceable and invaluable to this company, and me!  Our skills together compliment each other and make this a perfect partnership.

Now that you know our backgrounds this is how we got started.  We do a lot of home projects, big ones!  We've pretty much re-done everything in our house top to bottom.  When you can do the work yourself it's not that expensive, plus you know the craftsmanship is top quality.

Well, we were in between projects (it's football season you know!!!) and one day Denise and her sister Gina went to a wine tasting.  Long story short, she came home sporting a retired and now reclaimed oak wine barrel.  We sat, looked and came up with ideas of what to do with it.  With that, the reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Bar was born. 

After I started attacking our barrel with a bevy of drill bits, different saws, screws and hardware, we could see we really had something cool about half way through.  The closer we got to being finished, the more we fell in love with it.  The old world style and imperfect nature of these pieces gives them a warm inviting personality.  These are not a boxy rectangle table with no personality, the Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table or Bistro Bar speak for themselves!!

There was no doubt when we were finished that we needed to start making these available for people to order and enjoy as much as we do.  So here we are starting our website and trying to get your attention.  These pieces are unique, stylish and classy.  We just love em and we think you will too.

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