Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Bars and Bistro Tables Handcrafted By:



Pricing & Delivery

Here's how it works:
You order your Bistro Table or Bistro Bar choosing the custom features you would like, i.e. Lazy Susan, Oak Shelf, Cabinet Door etc.  We total up the price and you pay half down at the time of your initial order and with your deposit I personally go and pick your barrel and the rest of the materials to build your custom reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table or Bistro Bar.

Then the real fun begins, I build it!!!  Upon completion, you pay the remaining balance and bam!, the beautiful new but old, classy but rustic one of a kind table is yours.

Below are 3 simple steps to help in ordering your table:

Step #1 - Pick your Barrel:
"Sweet New Hotness" Barrel                                      $1,620.00
Door and Built-in Shelf                                               $1,000.00
Open-Faced with Built-in Shelf                                    $1,000.00
Without Door and Shelf                                                $700.00
Step #2 - Pick your Top:
4' Granite Bistro Bar                                                  $1,370.00 (Move to Step #3 if you choose this)
30" Granite Bistro Table                                                $580.00
42" Glass Top                                                              $800.00

Step #3 - Lazy Susan:
26" Granite                                                                 $430.00
20" Glass (available w/ 42" glass top only)                     $400.00

A la Carte Options & Pricing:

  • 4' Granite Bistro Bar                                          $1,370.00
  • 30" Granite Bistro Table Top                                $580.00
  • 42" Glass Top (3/4" Thick)                                   $800.00
  • 26" Granite Lazy Susan (with table)                       $430.00
  • 26" Granite Lazy Susan (sold separately)                 $580.00
  • 20" Glass Lazy Susan (with table only)                   $400.00 
  • Barrel                                                                 $700.00
  • Barrel w/ Door and Built-in Shelf                         $1,000.00
  • Open-Faced Barrel w/ Built-in Shelf                     $1,000.00
  • "Sweet New Hotness" Barrel                               $1,620.00
  • Barrel Head Beer Tap                                           $350.00
  • Barrel Head Wine Tap                                          $390.00
  • Barrel Planter (30 gallons)                                    $300.00

These tables are one off pieces of "functional art" made with finest exotic granite.  We hunt for remnant pieces of the most beautiful and exotic granite which enables us to pass these savings on to you. 

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  Prices above do not include applicable sales tax and are subject to change without notice.


Reese's Custom Pieces takes great pride in each table we create so we want to make sure it comes to your business or residence in the same condition it left our shop.  That is why we offer to personally deliver your Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Bar or Table at no charge in Western Washington.  If you live outside of Western Washington, please call for pricing.


  (425) 275-6907 or (425) 275-6908
Located in Lynnwood, WA
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